question 1

Holden Thorp was just named as the 10th Chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Which of the following was NOT a Chancellor at UNC?

A James Moeser
B William Aycock
C William Kenan
D Christopher Fordham

question 2

Dick Baddour has been the Athletic Director at UNC for over 10 years. Who held that position before him?

A Bill Guthridge
B Bill Friday
C John Carmichael
D John Swofford

question 3

Who hired Dean Smith as head basketball coach at UNC?

A Frank Porter Graham
B William Aycock
C Bill Friday
D Paul Hardin

question 4

On what street will you find The Old Well located?

A Franklin Street
B Raleigh Street
C Stadium Drive
D East Cameron Avenue

question 5

What residence hall is marketed as " The Place to Be at UNC"?

A Old East
B Morrison Towers
C Granville Towers
D Carolina Inn

question 6

What building served as the home court for the 1957 Men's basketball championship team?

A Charmichael Auditorium
B Fetzer Gym
C Woollen Gym
D Kenan Fieldhouse

question 7

The UNC Women's Soccer program has more National Championships than any other program at UNC. How many do they have?

A 29
B 19
C 10
D 5

question 8

The worst thing about Duke is

A Coach K
B No fouls called on hand checks
C Cameron Indoor
D Christian Laettner
E The Gaudet episode
F All of the above

question 9

UNC-Chapel Hill opened in 1795. Who was the first student to attend UNC-Chapel Hill?

A Dick Vitale
B Frank Teague
C Hinton James
D Francis Venable

question 10

Who said "No, our love for this place is based on the fact that it is, as it was meant to be, the University of the people." ?

A William Davie
B Bill Friday
C Charles Kuralt
D Mack Brown

question 11

In one of the most famous comebacks in NCAA basketball history, the men's basketball team rallied from an 8-point deficit with only 17 seconds left to force the game into overtime against Duke University in 1975. Who ended up winning the game in overtime?

B Duke

question 12

In the 1993 NCAA men's basketball final, Chris Webber's action caused millions of Tar Heel fans to jump out of their seats and yell. What did he do?

A Called a time out.
B Called Dean Smith a loser.
C Gave Eric Montross a bloody nose.
D Threw the ball away to Worthy.

question 13

What is Aye Zigga Zoomba?

A The Young Alumni Association at UNC-Chapel Hill
B The name of the 1st campus newspaper at UNC-Chapel Hill
C Carolina's mascot before Ramses
D A Carolina fight song

question 14

Coach Roy Williams loves dancing at Late Night With Roy to one of his favorite bands. What is the name of the band?

A Rats Love Cheese
B Liquid Pleasure
C The Four Horsemen
D Kiss My Ring

question 15

On Nov. 21, 1970 O.J. Simpson was dethroned as the NCAA single-season rushing record holder by a UNC running back. This also was the day the Tar Heels put themselves in position for a Peach Bowl bid, the first of six bowl games in Coach Dooley's decade-long tenure. This Carolina tailback surpassed Simpson by 11 yards, ripping through Duke for 279 yards and finishing the season with 1,720 yards. Name him.

A Mike Voight
B Don McCauley
C Amos Lawrence
D Ken Willard