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PSYCHO T. TYLER. #50. PLAYER OF THE YEAR. RULER OF ALL HUMANS. Whatever you want to call him.

He's good. He outworks his opponents. Tar Heel fans love having Tyler in the family.

This should be the day Tyler breaks Phil Ford's scoring record at UNC. ..and he's got a whole season to go.

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This article is from MEN'S FITNESS MAGAZINE.

UNC hoops is one of the benchmark programs in all of college basketball. Led by the dominating interior presence of Tyler Hansbrough, the Tar Heels are early favorites to secure a #1 seed come tournament time. Hansbrough, who's good for 22 points and 10 boards a game this season, recently sat down with MF to talk about his workout routine, his nickname, and what pumps him up before a game.

MF: So what it's like training with the grind of playing 3 to 4 games a week?
Hansbrough: During the season, we're not trying to crank out a max squat or bench or anything like that. We're more focused on, you know, playing a lot of games, and you're always running, so you're more focused on maintaining your weight and your health. During the off-season, you're always trying to hit the big weights and keep building your strength. During the season it's hard to do that because your body will just get worn out. You're just trying to maintain your strength. We lift a lot during the season. It's just not, let's say, seven sets of chain squats.

MF: That's off-season, right?
Hansbrough: Yeah, definitely.

MF: UNC basketball is a little different—most programs don't expect to go to the Final Four and win a National Championship every year. How has the culture of UNC affected you and your game?
Hansbrough: There is pressure here because it's a big-time basketball school with all the tradition. You feel like you have to win every game, no matter which team you're facing. No one's satisfied unless you go to the National Championship game or the Final Four.

MF: Looking back as a freshman, what did you want to improve upon to be able to dominate at the D-1 level?
Hansbrough: I would say, strengthwise, explosiveness was definitely a big key for me. Once I got into the weight room and trained a lot and worked on getting explosive in those first two steps, I think I really improved. I also think I needed to work on my jump shot a lot, though.

MF: Do you think your work with Jonas Sahratian, strength and conditioning coach for UNC Men's Basketball, has gotten you to where you want to be?
Hansbrough: Oh yeah, definitely.

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Blog Q&A With ... UNC's Tyler Hansbrough

For the fourth in a series of summer blog Q&As, I checked in on UNC sophomore Tyler Hansbrough, who powered the Tar Heels to a surprise second-place finish in the ACC in 2005-06 as well as a No. 2 seed in the NCAA tournament. After averaging 18.9 points and 7.8 rebounds per game as a freshman, he'll enter this year as a likely preseason All-America pick.

SI: Since this is a blog thing, I have to start with a Web-related question. You're probably the college player -- now that Darius Washington has left -- with the most elaborate personal Web site, How much of a role do you have in it?

Tyler Hansbrough: I have a little bit of a role in it. One of my dad's friends back in Poplar Bluff [Mo.] runs the site, and he pretty much asks me a bunch of questions about it. He started it back when I was a senior in high school, and a lot of people back home, they like to know what I'm up to, so it's cool.

SI: Even your high school senior pictures are on there. Do you approve of that?

TH: I approve. Some of my friends have joked around about it, but it's fine.

SI: So, this summer, how much time did you have to go back home to Missouri and what did you do while you were there?

TH: I went home for a month, mostly after summer school was over. I went fishing, played pool and ping-pong with my friends, and caught up with my family.

SI: I actually remember calling your house in April 2005, when you were still in high school, and all the stars of the UNC title team had just announced they were turning pro ... and you were out fishing. Seems like that's a big thing for you.

TH: Yeah. I fish a lot. Mostly for catfish and bass. We have a lot of private lakes that I like to go to [near Poplar Bluff] -- places where I know where all the fish are. My favorite is a friend's lake; it's mostly like an overblown pond. Sometimes I'll wade in, other times I'll just fish from the shore.

SI: Who's your favorite pro fisherman -- assuming you watch it on TV?

TH: Probably Bill Dance.

SI: Ah, the guy with the classic shades. Do you have a pair?

TH: Ha. No. No Bill Dance shades.

SI: Fine. Let's move on to basketball. I've read that your favorite experience from last season was beating Duke at Cameron Indoor [83-76 on March 4]. Can you explain what that experience felt like, for a freshman coming there his first time?

TH: It was a great feeling. With all the hype that goes into that game, and for how long people talk about it, it just builds up. When [the Blue Devils] came in here [to the Smith Center] and beat us, it got us ready. It maybe gave us a little advantage [for the rematch]. ... It's hard to tell you what it really felt like. But to go into that atmosphere, and win, it was special.

SI: What was the worst thing you heard from the Cameron Crazies that night?

TH: You know, I can't really remember exactly what they said. But they did all have my senior pictures printed out.

SI: And I bet they got them from your Web site. It came back to haunt you ...

TH: Yeah, it was the picture of me laying down with the basketball. But I just laughed, man. I knew everybody else would laugh, so there was nothing else I could really do about it.

SI: So 'Psycho T' could laugh it off. Can you give the full story on how you got that nickname?

TH: My strength coach [Jonas Sahratian] at UNC gave it to me while we were lifting in the weight room. I was pushing up some heavy weights -- doing bicep curls -- and he just started screaming. I got into it with him, and he called me "Psycho T." Ever since then, it's stuck.

SI: You've become somewhat of a celebrity in North Carolina. What's the craziest celebrity request you've received?

TH: Well, this summer, a guy sent an e-mail that [sophomore guard] Bobby [Frasor] showed to me. The guy wanted us to be in a movie he was making -- he was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him, and he was making this tape that, I guess, had a whole bunch of people in it saying things to her. We aren't going to do it, though -- I think we're going to be gone when he wanted to film us.

SI: You have an extremely talented group of freshmen coming in this year. Top-five guys such as Brandan Wright and Tywon Lawson, just to start. How much did you get to play with them this summer, and what were your impressions?

TH: We played together for about a month, total. Brandan is a really long player who can get a lot of tough rebounds and can block shots. Lawson brings us a lot of speed, and that's going to be really useful. But at the same time, no one knows what their roles are yet. Coach [Roy Williams] will determine that later. And I think everyone is going to have to work hard to achieve what we want.

SI: You were able to have a lot of success right from the start at UNC. What is it about Williams' system that allows a freshman to get acclimated to the college game so quickly?

TH: Well, with the kind of team we had last year -- with all the guys that left -- we were kind of shorthanded. So I had to come in and make an impact right away. And with coach Williams' system, the way he likes to go up and down a lot, it worked well with my style.

SI: Last question. At the Final Four last year in Indy, it seemed like everyone was on the George Mason bandwagon, and was caught up in the mid-major Cinderella story. Was it possible for you to root for them after what happened, losing to Mason in the second round?

TH: It was tough. Because we felt like, with all the hard work that we put in, we should have won that game, but it didn't play out that way. To be honest with you, I didn't watch a single game [of the NCAA tournament] after we lost. I didn't want to watch, because every time I saw it on TV, I'd get mad.

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