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Dec '09

In the Holiday Spirit, let's examine the important question:

( answers found on Carolina message boards )

- A win vs UNC at Cameron Indoor

- A big man with some decent post moves

- Another sweet sixteen appearance

- A good assistant coach to throw under the bus when his team implodes this year

- Fresh linens for his coffin

- Roy Williams' retirement

- A soul


Help me figure this out. DOOK is 5-3 in football this year. And has a better record in the ACC than UNC. (We'll find out this weekend who is really better as the Heels host the Blue Devils at Kenan on Saturday ).

In Basketball, the Heels are ranked in the Top 10 ( even Top 5 in some polls ) in the pre-season polls. How is that possible? We just lost Tyler, Ty, Wayne, and Danny. Unlike others, I believe it could take a little while for the new Heels to get up to speed. In college, point guard is King. And we have an unproven point guard. The Heels hopefully will be in the top 10 at seasons end but for now I don't buy the notion that they won't miss a step after losing 4 of my favorite players.


Close game. Tough opponent. Offense sputtering.

YOU FIND A WAY to win. That's what the Heels did against UConn.

How many times last season did we see the Heels "lose" the close games in the 4th quarter....Not this time. The Heels saved their best play for the end of the game and squeaked out a 2 point victory.


Carolina won.

The offense is struggling a little more than I would like but hopefully they can improve some every week and score just enough to give the Heels a chance to win. I get the feeling that the overall team speed and experience will help this team win the close games that in years past they might not win.

LOCK UP your valuables! The ECU fans will be coming to Chapel Hill next weekend!


Oh, and a little bourbon too.

That's what MrTarHeel has in store for tomorrow in Chapel Hill. The sky will be Carolina Blue. Rameses will be eating grass. There will be echoes of the Marching Tar Heels in the air.

Not bad for a Saturday.


We are still undefeated( haven't played a game yet ). Hope is a wonderful thing.

Of course, most likely the Heels won't go undefeated ...but they could. And, they don't need to go undefeated to have a successful season. Most fans probably think an 8 or 9 win season is progress. Get a bowl win this season. That would be super.

But what if they did better? What if Butch IS really a football genius. What if the speed and experience of this team helps them beat the teams they couldn't put away last year?

Yea, I know ...maybe I have started early on the bourbon.

But, what if?

Go Heels!


10. I don't look good in Red

9. The 3 good looking coeds were graduating.

8. I didn't want a mullett.

7. My career aspirations went beyond farming.

6. Guys chasing Lassie wasn't my thing.

5. My S.A.T score was too high.

4. Wasn't impressed with the cafeteria walls being covered with "Dukes Of Hazzard" posters.

3. They hired Chuck Amato.

2. I already had a high school education.

1. Tar Heels Rule!


Who knew?

In his post game press conference Coach Roy Williams of the UNC Tar Heels used a colorful word to describe the team's defense...a word that starts with "F". He meant to say "frickin"...

I don't know if it is related but he just recently played a game where he was close to Coach K for an entire game so I don't know if he picked up that colorful language from the "legendary" Dook coach or not....

We would prefer our heroes and legends not use that and a few other words.......but they do.

We would prefer that folks of great accomplishment provide a pristine example of how to make their point without using foul language....but they occasionally don't.

What I really really prefer is that my favorite coach in the world teach the UNC players how to compete, how to give maximum effort, how to play the game with good sportsmanship, and how to work harder than your opponent. Ol' Roy does that and much more.

So coach...easy on the swears.....Beat Dook.....and we'll see you in the Final Four.

Go Heels!
Mr Tar Heel


Our Tar Heel football fortunes are changing.

Where once our walk on the Kenan stadium concourse was somewhat of a bridge to nowhere just to get us to basketball season it now fills us with pride in the team we support.

I don't know if we will finish 8-4 or 10-2 or 11-1 but I do know that what we have seen so far this year is a team that has embraced the concept of "team". They play for each other and they enjoy winning together. And they never give up.

That's real change.

In the past we have had leadership that left us wondering if they really knew what they were doing.

There is no question that Butch and Company know what they doing. And right now they are leading this program extremely well and giving the players and fans hope for a brighter future for UNC football.

Butch Davis is a reformer. He has taken the failed policies of our football past and discarded them. He has taken players that seemed pretty average a few years ago and helped them become some of the best players in the ACC.

Can the Heels finish strong and be a top 20 team at the end of the year? I don't know. If you asked the players I bet they would give you one answer....


Thoughts after game 1 of the football season.

Carolina has at least 1 really good player. Brandon Tate.

Our defense ( and remember, defense wins championships ) has a long way to go.

Carolina is 1-0. Right where I thought they would be. But, I thought they would play much better than they did against McNeese State.

It was a really strange night in Kenan Stadium. Almost a 2 hour lightning delay. Our defense was pushed around a little bit by a lower division team. Our coaches didn't seem to adjust fast enough to what McNeese State was doing. The coaches at McNeese seem to have "outcoached" our coaches....they always seemed a step ahead of us.

Game 1 does provide a lot of motivation for the team the next week. Only Brandon Tate can say he played well. Everyone else has a lot to prove against Rutgers on September 11th.

I'll take winning ugly at least 8 times this year. I really don't care how we win ( if it takes Brandon Tate doing his best "Devon Hester" impression to win, so be it ). As long as we find a way to win and be competitive.

What's up with the ACC so far? Hopefully week 2 is more impressive.

Tar Heel fans...enjoy this great article by Adam Lucas on the Baseball Tar Heels... Lucas Baseball Article

I Love the Sound of Jones Angell in the Morning!
ENJOY this radio call of Chad Flack's home run that keeps the Heels hopes alive at the College World Series...Flack Does it again

YES, THEY'RE ALL BACK. CWFNS ( Can't Wait For Next Season )
Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington, Danny Green...gotta love it. The North Carolina basketball tradition carries on.

May 8, 2008

What's the big deal? If you go over to the UNC campus at all you have probably seen Tyler jumping off of stuff lots of times. His body can handle it....it's used to it. here's a few pictures we snapped over the last year...

April 6, 2008

It was a season of big accomplishments for the Tar Heels. Regular season championship, ACC championship, Final Four, big recruiting class, National Player of the Year. That might not be enough for some folks ....I wonder if those folks have ever been the best in the country at anything. Probably not. The amazing energy and skill it takes to win a National Championship in basketball is hard to come by....Carolina has a coach that will give them a chance every year...plus he will teach his players to excel on and off the court. I for one wouldn't want anyone else at UNC than Roy.

I think everyone assumes Tyler ( and maybe Ty ) will go pro. That could be ...Tyler could certainly compete and contribute in the NBA. And get paid. It wouldn't surprise me if he decided to give it another run at an NCAA championship. Some guys want championships...not just paychecks. Tyler has a better chance at one in college than the pros. But he has to make the decision and live with it. Tough call.

Tar Heel fans everywhere are disappointed. That disappointed only exists because of the high expectations and standards that Roy has brought to the program again. That won't last forever...Roy will move on and play lots of golf one day. And the right coach isn't easy to find ( see Doherty era ). Personally, I do what Roy does after a long season. I get back to work on the next season. Enjoy the journey folks....don't get too caught up in the "did we win it all" concept. The kids on the team will start working for next season quickly..."keep moving forward".

Next season could be an interesting one for the Heels. What if Tyler stays? What if the football Heels are as good as I think they will be? We could have a strong fall season in football then follow it up with a solid basketball season.

March 29, 2008
THERE'S NO BETTER COLLEGE PLAYER IN THE COUNTRY than Tyler. I know Stephen Curry has had an amazing tournament so far. But on offense , defense, rebounding, free throws....there's just no area where Tyler doesn't excel. Wait! He didn't hit a three against Louisville....who cares. He's just plain tremendous. and a pleasure to watch play basketball.

March 28, 2008
Another solid effort by the basketball Tar Heels. Doesn't it seem like they just look better, smarter, faster every game? They can play fast...they can play slow. They can play defense. They can get scoring from different players every game. 'Ol Roy really has this team thinking about getting better and playing together as a team. Next up - Louisville. 2 of the best coaches in the game. Padgett vs Hansbrough in the middle should be fun to watch. If we can get turnovers against Louisville then we can fast break them to a victory. Go Heels!

March 16, 2008
FOCUS. This Tar Heel basketball team has it. You never know how things are gonna go in the NCAA tournament where one bad game can send you home but the Heels seem determined to fight and work and overcome all opponents. Check out the article by the master, Adam Lucas, on the teams's approach and celebration after the ACC Tournament win. The entire team is focused on one goal now....winning it all! Should be a fun ride the next few weeks.

March 15, 2008

Sometimes you win pretty. Sometimes you win ugly. Today, the Tar Heels were outplayed and outhustled by the Hokies. But they hung in there, made enough plays to keep it close. Then, when it counted, they ended up with the ball in Tyler's hands with the game on the line. And he made the shot. That's the mark of a pretty good team I would say....never give up, stay close when you are being outplayed and try to win it at the end. Great job by the Heels today. If I were a college coach, I can't think of any player I would want on my team more than Tyler Hansbrough. What a worker.

March 12, 2008

Look for an "OK" showing by the Heels in the ACC tournament. I think they are ready to get the NCAA's underway but have to play in the ACC first...it could be trouble....if they give the same great defensive effort that they gave in the Duke game then they wil be fine.

Can't wait to see Tyler's jersey raised up to the rafters of the Smith Center...he deserves it.

March 5, 2008

Once again I will be doing a Live Blog during the Carolina-Duke game on Wral.com.....WRAL has great coverage of the game both on TV and on their website. We will work on getting me a courtside seat for next year....I would love to include in the game blog the "smack" between the players and coaches!

Got any helpful commentary, comments, observations, etc that I can use during the Live Blog? Send 'em to me at admin@mrtarheel.com
p.s. I already know that DOOK SUCKS so please refrain from sending me comments like that! Go Heels!

I love to hear Woody Durham call a game. Check out these great Woody calls! here

Feb 17, 2008
If I had a PREDICTION board ( which I don't ) I would put this at the top: Butch Davis and the Tar Heel football team will win their division in 2009.
There is a slight chance they could make noise this year. I think they will win 8 games in 2008 ....I just don't know if that will get them a division title or not. I do know that they are pleased with their recruiting class and are already getting a jump start on the 2009 class. I think the positive impact of Butch and his staff will start to snowball this season and especially in 2009 when we will once again be a National player in football.

Here's a classic for you. The Blues Brothers at UNC.

Feb 6, 2008
What a painful loss to the Dookies....I hate giving them credit but they really stepped up in a big game. This team now has to learn how to improve it's weak areas ....Roy will take care of that in practice....


ACC basketball. The Heels have begun their campaign down Tobacco Road....it feels like this team has good chemistry and work ethic. They will need that as conference play continues to heat up. And, we have seen certain guys step up at crunch time and make plays. That's what it takes to go to the final four....you have to be lucky of course but you also will have to win games at the buzzer. Ellington for one has shown he can hit the big shot.

How LOWE Can You Go!

by MrTarheel

Remember the great enthusiasm of the Wolfpack faithful last year? Sidney Lowe was back in the ACC ...fresh off his unsuccessful stint as an NBA coach.

Looks like Sidney did well last year with "Herbivore's" players!

Now that the team is more "his" he seems to be struggling a bit...the team plays with the confidence of a Duke football player. Their teamwork is similar to a last place NBA franchise....( maybe that's what Lowe has brought to the team ).

I predict great things for this State team.
I firmly believe they can bring the program back to the level of the Les Robinson Days. It was a comforting feeling to always know that State would secure the bottom spot in the ACC. I think Lowe can take the program there again.

The scary part is how the State fans will react. They have placed so much confidence in Coach Lowe that I am fearful of their reaction. Many of them have relatives in the "distilling" business so driving on the streets of Raleigh may be a little dangerous going forward as they drink a little more to soothe their pain. It won't be long before we hear them talk about how Carolina always gets the All-Americans so they should win ( that's not neccessarily true- see the Matt Doherty era ). Coaching makes a difference!

Luckily, the wolfpack fans have their All-American Bass Fishing team which is the envy of the college world.

I for one support Coach Lowe. His red jacket is colorful and he confirms what many Tar Heels already know....If you can't go to college, Go To STATE!

sidney Lowe


Awesome monster dunk by Tyler against Iona....I guess that Iona kid thought that standing in front of a train might slow it down (it doesn't)....this was a fun game for the Heels....the real games start soon and so far the Heels look good.
Check out Deon's dunk and Tyler's monster dunk below...

check out photos from the Iona game including Tyler's dunk here

Check out the 360 dunk by Tyler here against UCSB!

New Book out in time for Christmas!

Scheyer's expresions are the gift that keeps on giving!


As a Carolina fan, I am thankful we have Roy Williams and Butch Davis as our marquee head coaches.

I am thankful that the University I support has a tradition of excellence and integrity.

I am thankful that Psycho T is on OUR side.

I am thankful for the opportunity to attend a football game on a special campus like UNC-Chapel Hill.

I am thankful for Franklin Street.

I am thankful that I got to see Dean Smith coach in person.

Go Heels!

Need All Day Energy

Oct. 20
I love this time of the year!
UNC Football and UNC Basketball going on at the same time.

My basketball player to watch out for this year is Deon Thompson...he fits the bill as the guy who really dedicated himself to improving over the summer...he still has what you can't coach ( height ) but now he is a more of a lean mean fighting machine.
I dig the shades too.

GREAT video of MJ at UNC. I attended many of these games in person ( it was more exciting at the game ) but these clips are awesome!

Gotta check out this "Dukie V" video


by MrTarheel

Butch Davis, the new North Carolina Tar Heel football coach, will be paid a handsome salary and other compensation for running the UNC program. Ever wonder if it is worth it?

Let's do some math on the back of my napkin here.....

UNC Football has been averaging 51,000 to 53,000 fans at their home games the last few years I believe. Kenan stadium can fit up to 62,000. So, if Butch can take the average attendance up from 52,000 to 60,000 then that is an extra 8,000 fans each game. 8000 tickets at say $35 a ticket would be $280,000 per game additional revenue. And with 6 home games that's almost 1.7 million dollars each year!

Butch comp - $1,800,000 (estimate)
Bunting comp - $600,000 ?
A difference of $1.2 mill....so if UNC football generates $1.7 mill more each year in ticket sales then they have already made an extra $500,000!

Of course, my numbers could be off a bit. But even if they are, you can see that it can make great economic sense to have Butch Davis as the UNC football coach.

And I haven't even counted the extra food sales, merchandise sales, the impact on the Franklin street businesses, the better TV revenue that might result from a winning team, the bowl game revenue....

Can UNC afford Butch Davis? Of course! ( remember, I am assuming he will win! )

Mr Tarheel says
Congratulations to the Hoyas.....they deserved to win after hitting the big shots. Obviously, The Wallace kid for Georgetown is not related to Fred Brown....we sure could of used a turnover by that kid at the end of regulation instead of a game-tying three!

This was certainly a fun Tar Heel team to watch and follow....all tar heel fans are disappointed the season ended a week or so too soon but also proud of the effort and accomplishments of the team this year. And while we go back to our jobs, schools Roy Williams continues to work and recruit and work and recruit.......Go Heels !
oh, and CWFF! (Can't Wait For Football!)

Mr Tarheel says
Patrick Ewing in the crowd ....Dean Smith watching at home drinking a sweet tea....the memories of Jimmy Black, MJ, Worthy, Perkins, Doherty on the minds of tar heel fans everywhere....awesome !

Mr Tarheel says

Methinks Tyler liked playing against Mich State...great game by the big guy. Good to see the senior Terry step up and make big plays towards the end. Way to go Heels!

Mr Tarheel says

It's too bad Gerald Henderson imortalized his name in Duke-Carolina history by being a goon. He played a good game and could have finished with the respect of everyone. Instead, he showed that he has learned what it means to be a Dookie. No honor, no class. Congrats Gerald! Congrats Coach K!

Mr Tarheel says
I just realized I haven't thanked Chris Webber yet this year. An annual ritual, this gesture by me hopefully makes Chris feel better....I know I feel better every time I think about that championship.

Mr Tarheel says
Enjoy this article from The Daily Tar Heel on the students who wear the Ram Mascot costume.

Also, found this photo of the basketball heels visiting an air force base.

And I still crack up at these pics of Dookie John Scheyer.

ALSO, enjoy this photo jam to get ready for the State - UNC game.

Mr Tarheel says
IMPRESSIVE. Ty Lawson in Cameron. Butch Davis Recruiting.

I'd say I have one bad case of Carolina Fever going right now....Beating K's boys in their house last year was sweet...this year it was too....although this year we are the ones being hunted. And the heels played great when it counted.
And, by the way, Butch Davis is going to be one heck of a football coach at UNC.

Mr Tarheel says

I know our opponents don't think so but I think Roy Williams is about the best guy I can think of...I love this new quote from him...On what he has seen from the team the last 3-4 days:
Fear. They thought I was half crazy, I told them it was just half. If they wanted to see the other half, keep playing like they did Saturday against Virginia Tech.

Mr Tarheel says
I guess we need to remember that this basketball team is very young....and hasn't experienced the rigors of playing on the road in the ACC yet. Congrats to the Hokies. The way they played you would think they are a final four team. But, that always happens to the Tarheels. Everyone we play gives their best effort against the Heels.
Don't forget....last year's national champion ( Florida) lost 6 games during the season. What is most important is playing well at the end....and Roy will get that done as the season moves along.
Also, if you are a tar heel fan, don't forget to check out the Tar Heel Fan List. Go Heels !

Mr Tarheel says
Just read a terrific article by Adam Lucas on this year's basketball team called Loving Goliath. Last year's team was a lot of fun to watch....the underdog always is. This year, we are not the underdog...we are the "Goliath" ! But these guys don't take that for granted. Everyone says the Heels have the most talent this year. Well, maybe that is true....for sure, we have the largest number of quality players although there may be teams that have better individual players...but they only have 1 or 2 of them. It will be great seeing how this team gets better throughout the season. Can this be the year we don't lose a game to DOOK? The Ratface over in Durham would surely have an excuse if that happens. I'll just be wearing my Psycho T t-shirt and enjoying the moment!......

Mr Tarheel says
Good game for the heels against Gonzaga....I always like to see tough games early in the year so the players and coaches can see what they need to work on. And to realize how tough the season will be. - Note to players- You have got to work on making your shots ! I know...they already do. But in order to take advantage of the big men inside we need a constant threat from the outside by the guards. Happy Thanksgiving Tar Heels !

Mr Tarheel says


Wow! The Tar Heels on the Board of Trustees and in the athletic Dept have done well. I guess this is the end of the $10 ticket for football games. I bet most fans will gladly pay full price for a championship caliber team ! Go Heels !


Mr Tarheel says
  " Please never schedule Louisville again !

Mr Tarheel says
I want to know what Larry Coker said to the Hurricanes at halftime ! Well, it appears to me that we can "almost" play with any team. and with a TURN IT BLUE and LOUD crowd against BC this coming weekend, we have a great shot.

Mr Tarheel says
I need some good Tarheel related photos for the site...Hey, who better to get them from than Tarheel fans themselves ! Take some tailgating photos, crowd, etc from the upcoming games and send them my way! admin@mrtarheel.com Be Famous!

Mr Tarheel says
I think I am going really appreciate watching Tyler Hansbrough play...especially the effort that he gives ....even though we will be young I think the inside presence will be huge!

Mr Tarheel says
Next time you are in Chapel Hill, check out the new Rams Head Center (behind the old fieldhouse at Kenan stadium). It is unbelieveable! Here's a photo of just one of the restaurants there.


Mr Tarheel says
Stay tuned ( bookmark this site )...I am working on a few flash movies for the site...one is a satire commercial for Duke Beer (that's right...Duke Beer... makes you 200% more obnoxious than regular beer !) . Hey, tie wearers....read MrTarheel's page on neckties. Click here

Mr Tarheel says

Duke Blue Devils Mens Basketball Tickets at Cameron Indoor Stadium

If you can afford it, go to the above link and get tickets to the DUKE-UNC game in March over at Cameron....we need all the 'Heels there we can get ! I think they are only going for $800-$1000 per ticket
Whew !

Mr Tarheel says
Congratulations to the Terps....geez, it hurts to say that ! Could have gone either way... So now, if the Heels are to go bowlin', they will have to beat Duke and then win the biggest game of the year. Against maybe the toughest team on the toughest schedule. Hey, anything can happen... it would sure be fun to watch it happen!

Mr Tarheel says
A win is a win is a win....they were not impressive wins but at least they were wins... For football, I think this might have been the best kind of win for them at this point....I feel like the team needed a scare in order to get them to really play MEAN and to work hard this week in prep for Va Tech. and they got that ! Congrats to the seniors!

Mr Tarheel says
wow, the more I watch this Hansbrough kid , the more optimistic I get about our season. These kids have some good basketball talents....and they play with intensity. I think most fans would say that if against Illinois and Kentucky these guys play with intensity then we have a good shot. They appear to be listening to their coach. And that's a very good thing.

Mr Tarheel says
We all saw this young basketball team COMPETE against Illinois. They hustled and played with intensity. Somehow it felt like a win even though the scoreboard said we lost. I think this team gained a lot of respect from the fans by playing hard and competing against a good team. The season is looking brighter than one might think given all the personnel loses from last year.

Mr Tarheel says
Duke - UNC game up next ! If you had told me at the beginning of the year that the Heels would
have a real shot at beating the Blue Devils this year I would have said you were loopy. BUT, this team really does have a great chance at knocking off the #1 team in the country on Tuesday. Go Heels !

Mr Tarheel says
I have got a feeling that the UNC FOOTBALL team is going
to make some waves next year in the top 25. The coaching is solid ,the talent is there....although in some key positions we will be inexperienced. BUT, look at this years basketball team. Talent and coaching can win games. even without experience. Tougher to do in football but this team is ready. And the defense will be the key.
And I also have a feeling we could make some noise in March Madness. No way this team could be a sweet sixteen team.....or could they?
Yes they could be.

Mr Tarheel says
I hope everyone appreciates as much as I do the terrific season the basketball men put together this year. It was fun to watch these guys grow as a team and even more fun to watch them keep getting wins even though they were relying heavily on freshmen. I'm disappointed they are out of the tournament but very proud to be a Tar Heel!

Mr Tarheel says
FOOTBALL season is here ! This could be a great year to be a UNC football fan. It takes a "team" of good players to win in football and this year we have depth at most positions. QB is the question but I have confidence in the running game taking the pressure off the QB's. Plus, I think all they will have to do is get the ball in the vicinity of Jesse Holley and he will make a play ! Not to be forgotten is the quality of coaches we have right now on this staff. I believe they are excellent and we will see more consistent, winning football this year. Want to find out about the 1st opponent? Go Here to the Rutgers football site.

Deadly at Scrabble.

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

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When you rearrange the letters:


When you rearrange the letters
(With no letters left over and using each letter only once):

Mr Tarheel says
This is interesting: TRUMP UNIVERSITY! You can take online courses in
Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, and more.

With the success of The Apprentice I bet this concept
is doing very well for The Donald! I wouldn't think
it could compare to Kenan-Flager Business School of course ( not many schools can! )
but I wonder if there is some value there. If you want to
check it out, here is the link to  . Please let me know if
you try any of the courses as I would be very interested to know if they are as good as touted.
Wonder what their basketball team is like?

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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has won 37 team national championships in five different sports, 9th all-time, and 51 individual national championships. The UNC women's soccer team has won eighteen national championships since 1981; the men's soccer team won the championship in 2001; the women's basketball team in 1994; the UNC Tarheels basketball (men's) team in 1924, 1957, 1982, 1993, and 2005; the UNC men's lacrosse team in 1982, 1986, and 1991; the UNC women's field hockey team in 1985, 1995, 1996, and 1997; the women's team handball team won in 2004; and the men's team handball team has won the last three National Championships in 2004, 2005, and 2006. The Carolina men's crew team won the 2004 ECAC National Invitational Collegiate Regatta in the varsity eight category. The North Carolina Men's Baseball team is also a perennial power, and in 2006 made it to the Championship round of the College World Series.

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