Great Carolina Quotes and Thoughts

"If the mailman stopped everytime a dog barked the mail wouldn't get delivered."
      Roy on whether or not he listens to pundits

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success."

I love going into someone else's living room and stealing their brownies.

I pledge to my teammates and my coaches that I will give 100% mentally and physically on every defensive possession these next 7 days. I cannot imagine letting my teammates down on this nor can I imagine the hurt I will cause myself.

Don't let a day pass when you don't do something for someone who can't repay you.

"If you treat every situation as a life-and-death matter, you'll die lots of times."

"Basketball is a team game. But that doesn't mean all 5 players should get the same amount of shots."

If you can't pass, you can't play.

You can measure the speed of race horse with a stopwatch...but it takes a race to measure the heart.

Quote from Brad Daugherty to Jay Bilas before the Dook game: " I'm gonna beat you like a dog!"

"Bottom line, North Carolina has got to score more points than the other team. Worrying about chemistry is not going to help us figure out how to do that. We’ve got to worry about whoever is in the game doing their best. H2O… Sodium Chloride… That’s about it fellows. That’s about all I know about Chemistry.”

"I would rather beat State than eat!"

"you had 2 more rebounds than Wanda"

"tiptoe through the tulips"

"If you're bringing the ball down court and can only see four of the opposing players, you can bet the fifth one ain't at the concession stand buying popcorn."

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