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There are so many things to recommend to Tar Heel fans that will make following the Heels more enjoyable. Of course, some of the things I will show you are what I might want to check out or read or eat or buy or wear. But, this is my website so I can do what I want! And, some things have nothing to do with the Tar Heels....they are just worthy of mentioning.

Here's something kinda neat....take a "live" look at a portion of the UNC campus from a webcam. The  Science Complex Webcam offers some different views...the Bell Tower included. The Science Complex is a two-phase project designed to enhance the physical sciences and their interdisciplinary aspects. Both Venable Hall and the adjacent ROTC building will be demolished to make room for new construction of larger, modern teaching and research spaces for Chemistry, Materials Science, Physics & Astronomy, Marine Sciences and Computer Science.

Don't miss checking out the TARHEEL SOUNDBOARD !

I recommend that every Tar Heel fan have at least one Tar Heel sticker or magnet on the back of their car.
Probably one of the biggest sellers right now is the "W The Coach" sticker....you can order one of those or a "got butch?" sticker from MRT Apparel.

I ran across some good desktop wallpapers at the University site....enjoy them.....and thank me later.
UNC Wallpapers

I highly recommend you take a moment to get your free trial of a new energy drink promoted and used by Lance Armstrong.

FRS is a new kind of healthy energy that provides sustained energy without the crash. Try FRS Free!*

** Warning - you WILL like it! You will feel better and want to order some later....you can thank me later for your increased productivity at work....and the trial is free!. ( I did have to pay for shipping...darn...but worth it )I thought I would cancel after the trial but I really like it so I order some every month....my favorite is the Orange concentrate....I mix a little with cold water and fire it down. As a kid I liked the drink "Tang" that you mixed with water....this tastes similar to that. I really like it and it is super good for me.

I recommend you try something that either Dean Smith or Roy Williams recommended ( I can't remember which one it was ).....
Every day, do something good for someone else for which you don't expect anything in return.

I'll leave it up to you to figure out what sorts of things would qualify as "something good"! Could be just taking the time to ask someone how their family is doing....anyway, I tend to put a lot of stock in what either Dean or Roy says.

Here's a nice video on the Tar Heel Bus Tour. For 10 years, the Tar Heel Bus Tour has introduced Carolina's newest faculty members to the people and places of North Carolina. You're invited to watch as some tour participants reminisce about their bus tour trip, what they learned about North Carolina, and how their experience informed their personal and professional relationship with the state. Along the way, you will see many of the people and places visited during the five-day trips at the end of spring semesters. Faculty Bus Tour video

If you are a history buff, you might like to browse the collection ( all available online I believe ) of materials that document the early years of the University of North Carolina. Available here, the collection documents the creation and rise of UNC as a public university.

This looks like bigtime fun...if you get one of these don't forget to invite your pal MrTarHeel.

University of North Carolina VIP MOTORCOACH TAILGATE PARTY

Includes: - Luxury Motorcoach complete with bar and lounge
- Area decorated in UNC colors
- Full menu with appetizers
- All drinks included
- Fun and festive atmosphere
- Private personalized area
- Multiple flat screen TVs
- Direct TV with full NCAA package
- Availability for groups of different sizes
- Flexible pricing and setup

Please call Brian @ 336.918.1135 to book your event today!

Or email @ brian@showtimesportsmarketing.com

If by chance you get to visit Chapel Hill, here are some of my favorite places to eat ( or "dine" as they say in some circles !).

Top of the Hill - Food is really good. Beer is great. If the weather is good get a seat outside overlooking Franklin Street.

Carolina Brewery - really good food. Great beer. Have you noticed a pattern here? ...

If you like Southern food, try either Mama Dips or Bons Home Cookin.

Bons is interesting. If it were not for Mama Dip then Bon would not exist ( she is Bon's mother ).After 18 years as a housemother at the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at UNC-Chapel Hill, Bon felt that she was ready to become a staple in her own right! If you know were Granville Towers is then you know how to find Bon's. It's right there in University Square( facing Granville)

The tough choice at University Square is whether to try Bon's or try Time Out. Time out is legendary....how can you miss with a cheese biscuit, or a chicken biscuit, or veggies, or the fries, or....the list goes on. Try Time Out for your next tailgate....and save some for me.

If you happen to be in town and are staying out Hwy 54 near the Friday Center ( just past Finley Golf Course ) try Brixx Pizza" out at Meadowmont Village. I like it, kids like it, patio outside is great. Stop by Cafe Carolina afterwards for a cupcake with Carolina Blue icing....

It's also hard to go wrong with Sutton's Drug Store, Pepper's Pizza, or Spanky's if you're down on Franklin Street. Can't recommend The Rathskeller right now as the place has been opened again( I think ) by new owners ...have they changed the menu? Don't know but if anyone has please let me know what is going on there.


Everyone, enjoy this photo. Dean and Roy in Woollen Gym

Here are Some of My Favorites from the Web

OLD GUYS RULE tshirts. They have a great graphics artist.

Old Guys Rule

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