Buying a Lizard As a Pet

A lizard is an incredibly diverse species of reptile. There are more than 7,000 species in all. They’re distributed across all continents (except Antarctica) and many oceanic island chains. These fascinating reptiles can be found all over the world. If you’re considering purchasing a lizard as a pet, here are some things to keep in mind.

sungazer lizard

The sungazer lizard, also known as the giant girdled lizard or giant dragon lizard, is one of the largest species of lizards in sub-Saharan Africa. It is endemic to South Africa’s Highveld grasslands.

Although a large lizard, it is relatively innocuous. It moves slowly and its course is adjacent to fissures. However, it may be attacked by people, which makes it a prime target for poaching. As a result of this, the sungazer is often harvested for the pet trade.

The sungazer lizard lives in superficial burrows in arid grassland. It is a diurnal species, which means it is most visible during the day. These animals hibernate during the winter months. As such, they are rarely seen from May to mid-August. In southern Africa, the sungazer is found in small populations in the highlands of the Free State and southern Mpumalanga provinces. The lizard is considered vulnerable due to its limited distribution, primarily because of habitat fragmentation.

armadillo lizard

The armadillo girdled lizard is an endemic species of lizard. This reptile is also known as the golden armadillo lizard and spiny-tailed armadillo lizard. It is a member of the family Cordylidae and is native to desert regions along the western coast of Africa.

They can be kept as pets in captivity. They are solitary in nature and are quite friendly around humans. Their only dislike is being picked up; they curl into a ball and scurry away when they are put down. They prefer high temperatures, low humidity, and flat rock. However, if you do decide to keep an armadillo as a pet, be sure to take care of it appropriately.

In captivity, armadillo lizards can live up to 25 years. In the wild, their lifespan is unknown. During the mating season, males become protective and territorial. They give birth to one or two offspring each year. The gestation period is six to eight months. Once the baby is born, the lizard can be up to three inches long.


The Sungazer lizard is a large species of lizard native to Africa. Also called the giant dragon lizard or girdled lizard, this species is one of the largest lizards in its family, the Cordylidae. It is endemic to South Africa’s Highveld grasslands. 파충류샵

This lizard is very distinctive in its appearance and has a range of uses. It is often used in traditional medicine. It is also an important part of wildlife conservation. Its status on the IUCN Red List was updated in 1996. The EWT will continue working to protect the Sungazer lizard and help it maintain its unique habitat.

Male sungazers are often found close to the females and may even be found in the same tunnel. However, males are distinguishable by their inflated layers beneath the forelimbs. The males are more mobile and can travel to female sungazers. In addition to being more mobile, male sungazers can carry one or two specimens in each tunnel.

girdled lizard

The girdled lizard (also known as golden-armadillo lizard, armadillo lizard, or spiny-tailed lizard) is a reptile found in desert areas on the western coast of Africa. It is endemic to the desert areas of the western coast of South Africa.

This lizard is classified in the family Cordylidae. It has a hard shell that protects it from predators. Its body has two layers of armor: one layer of spiny scales and a bony plate for support. The bones are embedded in the skin in regular rows, which gives it an added layer of protection. It can also detach its tail to satisfy predators.

The girdled lizard lives in rocky outreaches of the desert, where it feeds on insects and spiders. It is social and lives in groups of about 30 to 60 individuals. The males and females are territorial, and the females are known to mate with other males. The lizards roll up into a ball when threatened. The thick scales of the lizards, as well as the spines in the tail, protect the lizard against predators.

tropical girdled lizard

The Tropical Girdled Lizard (Aradillo girdled lizard) is a polygynandrous species that has multiple breeding partners. It mates in the late fall and early winter and gives birth only once a year. Its body is covered in thick scales, and its tail is covered with spines, providing it with a protective layer. It looks similar to a mammalian armadillo.

This reptile is native to southeast Africa, where it can live in the wild. They reproduce well when properly cared for and are not shy or retiring. Typically, the female will give birth to three to four live young, and these hatchlings are about half the size of the mother.