What’s So Good About Mont Blanc Cake?

If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, you’ve probably heard of Mont Blanc cake. Its meringue resembles a light sponge kuchen but melts in your mouth, disappearing before you can finish your chew. This cake is packed with surprises, such as chestnut cream, which is made from Japanese chestnuts. Although not overly sweet, the chestnut cream lends a unique chestnut flavor to the gateau. The kuchen itself is light and airy, making it a favorite among many people.

Recipe about Mont Blanc Cake

This classic chocolate dessert is made from milk chocolate and coffee. Instead of whipped cream, the recipe calls for a light creme anglaise-based mousse. The contrasting textures and flavors help to highlight the deep chestnut flavor. To make the Mont Blanc kuchen recipe, prepare an 18cm springform cake tin. Whisk egg yolks and sugar together until the mixture is creamy and well-combined. Add in cinnamon, rum, and other spices. Next, fold in beaten egg whites. Finally, pipe meringues on a Silpat baking mat. They should be about 4.5cm in diameter and a few millimeters thick.

The Mont Blanc cake is perfect for special occasions, like a bridal shower or a birthday party. It is easy to make and combines three textures in one, including crunchy meringue, velvety whipped cream, and sweet chestnut vermicelli. It is an elegant dessert that is easy to decorate and makes a delicious takeaway treat.


The Matcha Mont Blanc cake is a special kind of gateau that contains 주문 제작 케이크 matcha tea as an ingredient. The tea adds an invigorating taste to the cake. It is dense, but not too sweet, and it does not contain any greasy ingredients. Matcha tea is added to the kuchen along with other ingredients such as soy milk, chestnuts, white sugar, and brown sugar. It is then finished with canola oil and citric acid.

The ingredients of the Mont Blanc kuchen come from Kyoto, Japan. The Uji matcha is very concentrated and comes from a traditional tea house. It is stone-ground and contains a distinctive aroma. The Mont Blanc cake has a sweet, cream-like filling and a matcha bean paste topping. This gateau is served in a special box and is a popular dessert for New Year’s Day in Japan.


The history of Mont Blanc cake goes back to the nineteenth century in Piedmont, Italy. The kuchen is composed of sweet chestnut purée baked in vermicelli and topped with whipped cream. The name of the gateau is derived from the snow-capped Mont Blanc. It was named for this mountain, which is also the most prominent feature in this dessert.

It is not entirely clear when Mont Blanc first reached Japan. According to one source, the cake was created by a man named Chimao Sakota after hiking in the Mont Blanc region. The unusual spiraled pastry was an inspiration for the chef, who opened a café and introduced the kuchen to Japan in 1945.

Best before date

A Mont Blanc cake can be enjoyed for up to ten minutes after baking. The meringue inside changes textures quickly when exposed to air. Its best-before date will vary with individual cases. When buying this delicious gateau, check the label to see if the best before the date has passed. A Mont Blanc cake is a great addition to a dessert menu or a bridal shower gift and an elegant French dessert, topped with crunchy meringue.

It combines three distinct textures: crunchy meringue, smooth whipped cream, and sweet chestnut vermicelli. It is also easy to make and fun to decorate. It’s perfect for any occasion, from a wedding to a birthday party. It’s also famous in Japan. This light, fluffy cake is typically best served within a few hours after baking. If the Mont Blanc kuchen is still a bit too warm or has gone bad, it may be best to serve it the following day.

Chestnut cream

A Mont Blanc cake with chestnut cream is a Japanese style dessert. With its snowy mountain look, it is an ideal dessert for winter. The cake can be made with store-bought mini tart shells. To make the chestnut cream, first make a chestnut puree and pass it through a fine mesh sieve. After that, transfer it to a pastry bag fitted with a vermicelli tip or bird nest pastry tip.

Chestnut cream is another traditional French ingredient. The chestnut puree can be made by grinding the chestnuts into a playdoh-like consistency. Then, mix the chestnut puree with maple syrup. Add this mixture to a food processor or mixer. Afterward, pour the chestnut puree into a pastry bag fitted with a Mont Blanc or Wilton 2A tip.